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London Rickshaw Media and its pedicabs in London are perfectly positioned to help you to meet the growing needs of your clients. Rickshaw Media can be the perfect answer for your outdoor advertising & marketing needs in Central London & all over the UK. Rickshaw media is the biggest rickshaw hire & advertising company in London. Rickshaws, pedicabs provide eco friendly, green media solutions. Our rickshaws operate in Central London, West End & surrounding areas. we can provide hire  service for any location in the UK !

Rickshaw Hire, Transportation and advertising Company in London

Some of the benefits of our Rickshaw pedicab advertising are

Our Rickshaws take your ads directly to your audience
Our Pedicab advertisements are in constant circulation
Our pedicabs can go where billboard trucks cannot go
Our Riders can hand out fliers or samples to customer
Our Rickshaws can deliver customer right to your door
Our Riders can wear your company’s branded uniform

Why Rickshaw Hire and Advertising ?

Best value per impression for branding
Riders can promote product & services
Pedicabs can be used for multi purpose
When a pedicabs drives by, heads turn
Pedicab advertisements are at eye level
Pedicabs New form of Street marketing

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