Pedicab advertising and Branding

Rickshaws provide the perfect opportunity for advertising your business, product or services, regularly delivering passengers to and from sporting events, concerts, theatres, restaurants, clubs, and many more.
With our expanding fleet and driver pool we guarantee maximum display hours per month for your advertising. London rickshaw media is present at all major central London activities — if there’s a crowd, we’re there.
Rickshaws turn heads. Whose ad are they going to see?  For further information please contact us

Ten Reasons to use rickshaw advertising!

  1. Size; Large and effective, easy to notice and straight to the point- Gets the message across to the consumer which is then recalled
  2. Mobility; Rickshaw pedicabs move and this movement draws attention to the advertising it carries. Mobility makes it easy to target specific audience & locations, this makes the ad work harder.
  3. High Frequency medium; On average a Central London consumer sees rickshaw ads in 6 different scenarios- very effective for brand building.
  4. Strong Central London high street presence with a proximity to POS- makes it ideal for advertisers as the ads triggers consumers to purchase.
  5. Welcomed by consumers; Consumers prefer rickshaws with advertising as a result ad avoidance is next to zero.
  6. High levels of response; %82 of consumers said that they would respond to rickshaw ads if the ad appeals.
  7. Environmentally credible; Environmentally friendly rickshaw pedicabs can contribute towards brand credibility.
  8. It is highly experiential;  %96 of consumers said that rickshaw rides are fun and they recalled and talked about it to their circle.
  9. Direct eye contact; The rickshaw pedicab advertising is at the eye level.
  10. Rickshaw advertising are Newer form of advertising and it will make “Brands” seem more modern and innovative.
Rickshaw Advertising

Where We Operate?

Rickshaw Media’s pedicab rickshaws are mainly operating in west end and its surrounding areas. Our rickshaw pedicabs can be hired for any UK location.
Covent Garden & Holborn.
Two of the world’s most famous open spaces in Leicester Square (hosting film premieres) & Trafalgar Square. Chinatown is also here.
Centre Point Tower at St. Giles’ Circus, the RAF church of St. Clement Danes on the Strand, the boat pubs on the River Thames.
Covent Garden is a place to hang out & watch street performers. The Transport and Theatre Museums & the Royal Opera House.
London WC2 is the heart of Theatreland, with the London Coliseum, Royal Opera House & regular West End Theatres.
Charing Cross Station, one of London’s great rail stations.
Famous streets in the West End:  Albemarle Street, Baker Street, Bond Street, Carnaby Street, Charing Cross Road, Denmark, sreet, Gower Street, Great Marlborough Street, Great Portland Street, Harley Street, Haymarket, High Holborn, Kingsway, Old Compton Street, Oxford Street, Park Lane, Piccadilly, Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, The Strand, Tottenham Court Road ,Wardour Street.
Notable squares and circuses in the West End: Berkeley Square, Cambridge Circus, Grosvenor Square, Hyde Park Corner, Leicester Square, Manchester Square, Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Russell Square, Soho Square, St Giles’ Circus, Trafalgar Square

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